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Recruitment marketing is a multi-faceted approach with huge potential to transform the recruitment process. We’re beginning to mimic the personalised experience our marketing department gives potential customers. Marketing techniques also make it easier for recruiters to build relationships with candidates.
We think recruitment marketing is a huge deal, so we decided to sit down with 25 of the most respected figures in the recruitment industry to hear what they had to say. The future of recruitment marketing needs recruiters who understand that their role is not pumping our people like a hiring factory but that there is a greater network effect of their actions. I encourage recruiters and entire leadership teams to make recruitment a corporate mission, driven top down by the CEO and VP of Marketing. That’s why in the future, recruitment marketing will be key to every organization’s process.
As a result, HR should not try to re-invent marketing, which is already a very mature discipline. Greg has founded numerous successful recruitment companies and is now heavily in-demand as a advisor, speaker and investment.
Founder of Social-Hire and a widely renowned social media expert, Tony is the first port-of-call for any recruiters unsure of how to manage their social recruitment strategy. The concept of Recruitment Marketing proves this, as companies can now research and measure what type of individuals can be a great fit for an organization. Todd is Editor-in-Chief of ERE Media, home to some of the best recruitment writing on the web.

The DIY nature of social media has made some folks wonder whether this specialized form of marketing will someday go away. There are huge opportunities for employers who look beyond the same old jaded tools and approaches, with so much incredible innovation going on in the broader digital marketing space. As more providers enter the space to help businesses weave marketing tactics and measurements into the recruiting process, the discipline will grow into a powerful talent acquisition tool. When recruiters don’t update candidates, give them the run around, bring them in for multiple interviews and then never even bother to say the position is filled, you are getting terrible marketing. No matter what your specialty, Bullhorn has recruiting software to manage the entirety of your recruitment lifecycle – from applicant tracking and job order management to time and expense and onboarding solutions. For business and technology consulting firms for whom repeat client business, continual upsell, and active project management is imperative, the Bullhorn CRM for Business Consulting is an incredibly effective platform. Marketing and advertising agencies are notoriously under-served when it comes to custom-built CRM solutions that mirror how they do business – the emphasis on account management and collaboration, the need for tracked communications and predictive analytics around new client pitches, and more. Companies that create a compelling, authentic employment brand, communicate their values and mission, and clearly articulate the nature of their workplace are winning out in their recruitment efforts.
The concepts of brand, value proposition, target audience, multichannel marketing, and recency, frequency and monetary – all apply very well in this space. One of the best in the business at creating great content, Matt regularly publishes thoughts and insight into the recruitment industry on his blog Snark Attack. Charged with controlling content management, he’s the perfect person to consult on the influence of marketing on recruitment. Grossman is the Recruiting Product Marketing Director at PeopleFluent and a certified Talent Acquisition Strategist (TAS) and Human Capital Strategist (HCS) by HCI.

A big advocate of recruitment marketing, she has a great vision of how hiring might look in the future.
A great recruitment marketing strategy is strictly aligned with a strong employer brand and with a deep understanding of an organization’s mission, vision and values. Through these changes, recruitment marketing has come into play as a way to differentiate the organization and stand out from the crowd in terms of employer branding and value proposition. I see this as a major change to the industry as companies focus more on targeted marketing to specific demographic segments and have the analytics to back up their actions. Bullhorn has built the first holistic, intelligence-based CRM system for PR agencies specifically: the Bullhorn PR Relationship Management Platform.
Smart recruiters can dip into the marketing toolbox to improve the way they measure the hiring process, rethink their social recruitment strategies and rewrite their job descriptions (Matt Buckland’s superb article on writing job adverts is a great place to start for the latter). So the goal of traditional marketing is to position the features of that widget for maximum cash value. Bullhorn CRM for Marketing and Advertising helps marketing and ad agencies stay above the fray. This platform helps PR agencies to manage their relationships with reporters, stay on top of account health and identify issues before they arise, and train clients to provide more valuable news hooks (such as proprietary data instead of product point releases) using pitch effectiveness reports.

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