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Marketing and recruiting have become inexorably intertwined, with recruitment marketing emerging both as a distinct discipline and a core competency affecting every part of the talent acquisition cycle. If you’ve not heard of Recruitment Marketing before, then now is time to start paying attention, as companies across the world have been mastering techniques for many years now and they’re proven to bring results. In 2008, recruitment started to change dramatically and began to embrace technology in a different way. We strongly recommend that today is the day you consider taking the steps to implement an effective Recruitment Marketing Strategy. A free guide to getting great results from using the simplest of methods including Dedicated Social Media Accounts, Vacancy Text, Sharing Business News, Applicant Tracking Systems and Choosing the Best Media.
Talk StaffA 360° Staff Consultancy - With Staff Expertise in Recruitment, Training and Payroll Services. Content marketing shouldn’t just be regarded as only an additional layer to your marketing strategy. When you use content marketing that’s aimed at prospective employees, you’ll find those new hires.

Organizations are starting to see just how much reach they can have by using content marketing to recruit new employees. With a good understanding, you could turn your recruitment strategy into an extremely powerful campaign.
This was heavily influenced by mobile technology, social media and the realisation that recruitment wasn’t simply about getting people to apply for jobs, but to drive quality and engagement with their brand – All with focus of recruiting the best people. Just think of them as one of the personas your marketing team is creating content for, and you’re ready to go.
Content Marketing Institute finds that effective B2B marketers document their strategies to keep everyone on track.
The same reasons your buyer personas work for your current content marketing efforts are the same reasons that they’ll work for recruiting prospective employees. Given time, your recruiting content marketing will start to work, and uncover the right employees for your organization. B2B organizations can do the same thing, and as they continue to use content marketing in one area of their business, it may be time to start using it in others.

This includes your social media and marketing teams, who may think they already know what to do, but they may not. Recruitment content marketing is just like any other marketing strategy, and needs to be measured tracked. Plus, if your B2B organization’s not used to using content marketing for recruiting, it’s a new experience for everyone. If you’ve been using social media to send out links to your website’s application form, track those links using URL tracking software like, or something built into your marketing automation software.

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