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It’s mid-July, your recruitment marketing plans are set for the fall and now you really need a break.
Well, as they say, a change is a good as a rest, so instead of the holiday, (which, of course, is always a good idea), here are a few marketing ideas to help you change up your thinking a bit, to stir the creative juices and to come out feeling better for having done them.
This isn’t for the faint of heart but if you really want to learn about pay-per-click marketing then you need to get your hands dirty. I hope these ideas will stimulate you to try some new things and energize yourself with new knowledge and experience in these areas.

Scott Duncan has worked in post-secondary educational marketing for over 25 years developing and marketing curriculum materials, marketing educational software, consulting to post-secondary institutions and most recently focusing on developing traditional and e-marketing solutions for student recruitment. And to make it even worse, you used up all your holidays on your spring trip to the Caribbean, so you can’t even take a few days off to recharge and come back with guns blazing, full of new energy and ideas.
Done well, they capture ideas and information in a way that really appeals to my brain; visually, logically and with lots of details available if you want or need them. All true, but if you would like to reconnect with some of the topics around higher education and marketing that really excite you,(and that probably got you the job that you now have) , then start writing about them.

Read a few of her posts and you will quickly recognize her passion, intelligence, and humour, not to mention her amazing marketing insight.

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