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Hong Kong employment agencies are obliged to link up with recruitment agencies in the home countries of domestic helpers as helpers themselves are not allowed to seek work independently. The recruitment agency, the placement agency in HK and loan companies collude in a complex and opaque manner to evade regulators, burden helpers with debt and maximise profit. We are a non-profit agency for foreign domestic workers dedicated to providing a quality and transparent service to employers and workers. Fair Employment Agency hopes to lead the establishment of new model practices within the migrant labor recruitment industry.
We hope to set the market standard for ethical recruitment practices in Hong Kong and elsewhere.

The Fair Employment Agency is a social enterprise focused on tackling the exploitation of foreign domestic workers, also known as domestic helpers, in Hong Kong.
For example, although Hong Kong law prohibits agencies from charging domestic workers more than 10% of their first month wages as a placement fee, agencies are commonly charging more than $10,000. Other agencies often illegally charge both the employer and the domestic helper for their placement services. Through the provision of high quality services to both employers and helpers, we are raising the bar for employment agency professionalism, while simultaneously helping Hong Kong families employ well-suited domestic workers without having to worry about illegal fees and unethical debts. That creates a disincentive to make a good match, since if the domestic helper leaves or is terminated, the agency can make even more money by bringing in a new domestic helper.

Simultaneously, local employers are being charged thousands of dollars for the agencies' service, allowing the agencies to illegally double-charge for their services. This means that the agencies do not have any incentive to match employers with an appropriate domestic helper. If the domestic helper is terminated or leaves, the agency will simply make even more money by placing a new domestic helper in the home.

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