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Stay-at-home moms, retirees, and downsized employees may find working from home an appealing alternative to office jobs, especially in a down-turning economy. ScamsUnscrupulous people take advantage of those seeking at-home jobs by offering unrealistic opportunities that serve only to increase the income of the scammer. A search engine exploration of sites listing companies that offer online proofreading services turns up many opportunities for freelance proofreaders.
While proofreaders who work on printed material must be familiar with traditional proofreader marks, online proofreading relies on changes, corrections and edits made directly to the copy on a computer monitor.

These sites require a resume and some will also require that an applicant take a proofreading test. To be considered, an applicant must have an updated resume that highlights previous proofreading experience and, if possible, includes links to published work the applicant has proofread.
Some services require proofreaders bid on specific projects, so those seeking jobs must be able to establish realistic fees. One proofreading service typically charges the client 75 cents a word or $13 a page, while its proofreaders are paid a percentage of that fee.

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