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As a freelance writer, one of the best ways to make money from home is to find online proof reading and editing jobs. Depending on what kind of work you find, there are several ways in which you might accomplish your online job. When you work online as a proof reader or editor, you are in contact with other editors and writers on a daily basis, you just aren't physically sitting in a room talking to them face to face. Listed below are some great sites and services that can help you find and land online proof reading and editing jobs. FlexJobs - FlexJobs is a website specifically oriented to helping people find 21st century jobs that are less traditional. Upwork - Upwork is a great site with a wide listing of freelance projects, often including editing and proof reading jobs.
Editors can work for book publishers, advertising firms, online publications and public relations companies.
ProofreaderProofreaders are employed by both print and online publications to check the work of other writers. EditorsWhile some editorial jobs involve proofreading and copymarking, an editor's tasks are often very different.

Shelly Morgan has been writing and editing for over 25 years for various medical and scientific publications. Currently the nation's sixth-largest newspaper, the Houston Chronicle is a multimedia company publishing print and online products in English and Spanish that reach millions of people each month.
Email is a major means of communication, but sometimes instant messaging, texting, or even online meetings are used to keep people in touch.
Their writing, editing, and translation section is rich with positions in the proof reading and editing field.
Submitting resumes electronically and conducting phone interviews might be a bit different for someone who is used to getting to know employers face to face.
You would then make necessary changes and edits to it and email it back until everyone signs off on it. With today's technology, it is very easy to get in contact with other people in a myriad of ways, and when you work online you need to be comfortable and familiar with non-traditional means of communication.
Although there is substantial overlap between these areas, meaningful differences exist regarding the nature of the work, salary, and whether you are more likely to be freelancing or employed. Copy markers often do freelance work for book publishers, public relations firms, advertising companies and newspaper publishers.

An editor-in-chief is a managerial position concerned with maintaining the voice and standards of a publication, often by hiring writers and copy editors. She also writes about renal disease and hypertension for several nonprofits aimed at educating and supporting kidney patients. Whether you call it copy marking or proofreading, the task calls for someone with a good eye for detail.
While salary is dependent upon the type of publication and the type of editing, editors are usually better paid than proofreaders or copy markers, and are less likely to work freelance. For writers, working from home provides a level of flexibility and freedom that is unavailable if you work a traditional nine to five job. Workers also save money and time not having to physically get themselves to and from work everyday.
If flexibility and freedom sound appealing to you, this article will help you research and find online proof reading and editing jobs.

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