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Social-networking sites offer instant access to a powerful new marketing channel which if used correctly can help your company achieve its business goals, as well as providing invaluable data which can be used to grow your business. Social media shouldn’t be ignored as part of a comprehensive online marketing strategy. Turn Clicks into more conversions: Social media lead conversion rates are 13% higher than average lead conversion rates. While both types of metrics offer some value and insights , the key is that every social media metric should tie to a business metric, which should map to a business goal. Research in 2011 showed that the average shopper uses 10.4 sources before buying (including social media sites), a rise of about 48% on the previous year.
Social Sharing is a Vital Activity for Discovering What to Buy – 62% of online shoppers have read product related comments from their friends on Facebook.

Social Sharing Causes Consumers to Act – 75% of shoppers who read social sharing comments have clicked on the product link in their friends’ Facebook posts, taking them to the product page on a retailer’s website.
Positive Social Sharing Creates a Virtuous Cycle of Sharing and Purchasing – 81% of consumers who purchase products they learn about through social sharing are valuable social sharers themselves, thus creating a cycle of sharing and buying. At Mex-Exposure we have the expertise and creativity necessary to define, manage and execute a suitable social media strategy which will satisfy your own specific business metrics and Goals.
LinkedIn is a professional social networking website mainly used for professional networking.
Click on the social networking logos below to learn more about JMG Software's Social Media Management for each site and to view examples.
There is no single ROI in social media – results vary according to activies and results of campaigns.

We can help you to leverage and harness the potential of social-media marketing into a tangible results and positive ROI for your company. LinkedIn allows you to manage your professional identity including your business, and helps you build and engage with your professional network. JMG Software's Social Media Management service creates a professional web presence for your business on LinkedIn.

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