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Amazon has just announced that it will add 5,000 jobs at 17 fulfillment centers across the US, along with 2,000 customer service positions. But workers eager for full-time jobs may be too hasty in turning their noses up at part-time seasonal work, since some of those jobs turn into year-round employment. A local hiring firm in Northern Kentucky has announced it is seeking to fill over 1,000 immediate warehouse positions across the region.
SMX Staffing is seeking candidates for full-time and part-time warehouse positions, the benefits of which include a weekly pay schedule, paid training, and benefit options. Many workers prefer full-time jobs -- in part because they often provide benefits and a greater degree of job security.

It needs plenty of additional workers to help fill orders and keep products moving through its warehouses nationwide.
Amazon says such jobs typically pay 30 percent more than in retail stores, and all are full-time and include retirement, health care and stock benefits.
The Seattle-based company, which is unveiling a new line of Kindle-brand electronic readers and tablets, also plans to add 2,000 new jobs at three new distribution centers to help deal with demand driven by the new devices. The company also expects to add about 5,700 seasonal positions at distribution centers and more than 30 seasonal credit operations jobs.
The Minnesota-based company plans to add 80,000 to 90,000 seasonal jobs, down a bit from the 92,000 it hired last year.

The company has tripled its workforce over the past three years, and currently employs over 20,000 employees in its US warehouses, and 97,000 worldwide -- neck and neck with Microsoft. I filled out an application for a Sears warehouse job and it had 90 personality test questions along with all the other basic questions.

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