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If it was an unexpected prize to even those within the walls of PHD, it also was public validation of the agency’s founding philosophy in a year in which it proved a serious contender for mammoth global assignments.
Case in point: The agency recently launched Source, a Web-hosted planning system that acts as a live collaboration tool for thousands of PHD employees using game mechanics.
If the Unilever assignment showed what PHD could do on a global stage, the agency’s regional operations performed in their own right, contributing to a 13 percent gain in global revenue to $775 million for 2012. In Europe, where the media business has struggled with stagnation or declines amid the Eurozone crisis, PHD last year enjoyed 33 percent growth, picking up global and regional assignments like Sony mobile, Bentley and Unilever. Over the last year, PHD’s work has generated significant results for its clients across the globe.

In another challenge, PHD won a Bronze Lion for Aquafresh’s new toothpaste for children. That culture not only helps PHD win new accounts, it also enables the agency to retain business when there’s a changing of the guard at its clients. At a packed session at the festival, PHD unveiled Overthrow, a book it produced with Adam Morgan, founder of U.K. After all, PHD’s business model has always been driven more by planning than leveraging scale. So right after a violent event at a soccer game, PHD had El Bocón eliminate all coverage of soccer to drive home the message that violence could well make soccer disappear.

PHD’s Asia Pacific region kicked off 2012 by winning the media assignment for ANZ Bank in Asia following a five-month pitch, and closed the year with 102 new assignments.

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