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One of the benefits of social media marketing is it can improves social signals which are a factor in the search ranking algorithm. Social media marketing can increase customer loyalty and trust as well when launch correctly. In conclusion, social media is the most cost effective and easy to use platform to communicate and share information about your business. MediaVision has produced an interesting infographic wherein they trace the evolution of social media during the last decade.
Over the years, social media has evolved hugely and it today affects us in more ways than one. Technology has taken over completely, with the social media sites making the greatest difference to our lifestyle. One tweet, status update or pin is all you need to tell all your acquaintances about where you had been holidaying last week, what is going on in your personal life, your professional achievements and setbacks, your mood swings, the goals scored by your favorite footballer and a lot more.
Apart from promoting business, these highly active online communities make it possible for like minded people to discuss topics of mutual interest with people from across seven seas without knowing them personally.
Socially active people are now more aware of the world around them- the record set by the number of retweets received by Indian Prime Minister’s winning tweet and the response to Uber rape case being small examples.
Without the man on the street realizing it, social media has today become an extension of eCommerce. Social causes are also taken up across these platforms to create awareness campaigns and to enlighten the masses.

Pictures like these over Facebook itself are poignant reminders to the toll social media is taking on our interpersonal relationships.
Over sharing over networking sites and ease in which one can get connected to rank strangers (often operating under fake id’s) has led to a spurt in social media related crimes.
Apart from that over-sharing can jeopardize a person’s job prospects, make him face legal wrangles and affect his educational prospects. It is not uncommon to see relationships failing and marriages being broken up due to boundaries getting crossed across the social media. In all fairness, the impact social media has had over our lives in the last decade has been somewhat balanced. If relationships have failed because of social media, it is probably because they weren’t strong enough in the first place. By using social media sites, you can easily promote your business and it is not impossible if marketing with social media bring a remarkable success to your business. Your company thus can add value to their products by supplying useful content which is both personal and valuable.
The various networking sites have virtually taken over our lives today and for a person like me who earns nearly half her waking hours online (a greater part of it because I work online), it is difficult for me to imagine that there once existed a life without social media. This has allowed social media savvy brands and businesses get connected to their real or existing customers on a more personal level. The huge public sympathy and support in the wake of Kashmir floods shows how social media can help in times of distress.

53% of employers these days have a social media usage policy for their employees and while 42% forbid their employees from signing in to social networks, the rest were seen to be more liberal in their approach.
Though I do have some fellow writers who agree that social media can be a huge cause of distraction while one is working (particularly working online) and identify with my problem. In social medias, people interact freely, sharing and discussing about mostly everything information about each other and their lives. In other words, social media has become a platform that is easily to be accessed by anyone with internet access. For identity thieves, social media is a hunting ground for targets’ personal information,” as has been pointed out. Thus, social media gives benefits directly and indirectly in marketing pitch because it gives a business the power to reach a wide network of people.
For example, customers usually trust someone who recommend that particular company because they assume that person was satisfied with the company’s services and products.

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