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Or if you are looking for hourly employment, simply click here to download the application, fill it out and bring it directly to the catering office. People come to Clayspace, ceramic studio in the heart of Columbus, to have a break from their everyday lives, forget about worries and try making a pot on a potter’s wheel. I was looking for a place to take my wheel and work with other people who are interested in ceramics. We encourage applications from friendly, driven people looking to start a career with a dynamic, growing company where opportunity thrives.

The plant recently added a second shift and 100 jobs; Honda’s rebound has boosted Ohio manufacturing. She is always so welcoming and treats her students as friends, which is of a great value for me. I could not find a place like that, so I opened Clayspace thinking that other people would be looking for a place like that and they would find me. It hasn’t been that easy, but the studio has become a nice community of people who like to work with clay.

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