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Average Part Time Virtual Assistant salaries for job postings in Frisco, TX are 5% higher than average Part Time Virtual Assistant salaries for job postings nationwide.
Please bear in mind these salary guidelines are for home-based Virtual Assistant’s from the Philippines, working from their homes, for you directly. So, here you go a guideline on the four main types of Virtual Assistant’s, what you can expect them to be able to do, task wise, and what you should be looking to pay them for both full-time, and part-time positions.

Please note: After a full signup audit in November 2013, we realized that 72% of our clients are looking for General VAs (GVA), and therefore now only focus on this one role at Virtual Staff Finder. Ultimately, its down to you, as the virtual boss to decide what you are happy paying for your virtual staff.
I’ve seen more people recently asking for additional types of virtual staff on a regular basis over the last year or so.

However, to be able to attract, hire and keep great staff working for you virtually by outsourcing to the Philippines, you also have to be very aware that the industry has, and continues to change immensely.

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