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Five employees at EF Educational Tours Canada's Toronto office discuss why they love working there, including travel and social events. Here's a list of popular entry-level sales jobs with average starting pay to give you the inside scoop on sales salaries. Juliette Vo went from Tour Consultant in Boston to Regional Sales Manager in Los Angeles to Regional Sales Manager in Toronto, all with EF Educational Tours. MONTREAL -- Jobs for tech savvy social media experts will be as obsolete in 10 years as far more traditional occupations such as taxi dispatchers and toll booth operators, according to a new study released Tuesday by online employment site Workopolis.

The study predicts that in their own ways social media experts will become as much a victim of advancing technology as many other occupations.
That is because today's youngsters are already immersed in platforms such as Twitter and Facebook and so will enter the job market familiar with social media. Demand for couriers, people greeters and photo lab employees still exist, but are among the fastest declining jobs on Workopolis. 11 -- found that Canadians were feeling a bit more optimistic about their careers, with 50 per cent of respondents saying they believe they will have a harder time finding employment in 2014.

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