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It may not have struck you before to look at part-time jobs – many believe they exist solely for the high school summer breaker or the stay-at-home-mom.
When you aren’t busy enduring a 40 hour work week, you have much more time to sort out all other aspects of your life. Doostang is a community of over 1 million elite professionals who have inside access to top jobs from premier employers in finance, consulting, media, technology, and more. But shed any preconceived notions you may have about part-time work, and it may just be the solution you’re looking for in the interim…or perhaps even in the long run.

Aside from allowing you to focus on hobbies, human relationships, and your own sanity, this also gives you the time to search for another job.
Part-time work makes that transition much easier, and gets you into a routine that you can carry over into your next position, where you will likely perform much better as a result. Part-time work allows you to edge some of those other guys out by giving you some of the experience you may need for your next position – and may open your eyes to some new industries and tasks you never considered before! Alternatively, you might find that another solution to a full-time position is working several part-time jobs, which is sure to keep you busy, provide you with the variety needed to fend off 9-5 boredom, and hold your interest!

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