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The ability to use social media to regularly engage people, build an audience and express your personality is becoming an essential digital skill for everyone.
If you’re interested in improving your social media skills or building a career in social media these online courses and certifications can help you learn the ropes. Where social media really becomes valuable in a business context is when you can use these social networks to raise brand awareness and also get new customers, leads and sales for a business. Surprisingly, there aren’t many structure MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses) for learning social media and inbound marketing online. Inbound marketing pioneer Hubspot offers an excellent free Inbound Marketing Certification Program. You can watch the videos at your own pace and when you complete all the courses you can take an Inbound Marketing Certification Exam to get a certificate from Hubspot. This fun video course from email marketing provider Constant Contact shows you how to use social media to get business results. GFC provides short, well-structured courses on popular topics in social media and how to better use technology.
The foundation of making money online for many bloggers and social marketers is to leverage SEO, social media followers and inbound marketing content to build an e-mail list. This online course from MOOC course platform Canvas Network is a beautifully structured course with regular e-mail updates, activities, assignments and collaborative online study groups. In this course you get to learn how emerging social media platforms are being used by people and businesses to build an audience. Social media is revolutionizing communication, business and government so I think it’s important to explore the philosophy implications and impact of these changes to deepen your understanding of online communication.
I would focus on building your personal brand online and building a website right away that you can use as a testing ground for learning digital marketing skills. Thanks for your comment, I will update the post when I find new online courses that are really good. I have an Digital MBA program that gives hands-on experience for running a cloud-based online business form anywhere. Thank you so much for taking the time to create this list for *free* marketing education, and for including the Inbound Certification. Hey Jesika, thanks for letting me know, I updated the post with a new course on search and social media marketing! Social Media Marketing Training and Certification Market Motive offers two social media certification course options: a self-paced plan for $299 per month, and an instructor-led certification program for a $3500 flat fee.
Social Media Marketing Certification OMI’s Social Media Marketing Certificate provides a very specific curriculum for pinpointing and reaching target audiences with a clear strategy across many different platforms. This $859 certification course offers a thorough, in-depth look at exactly how popular social networks can be used.

Social Media Certificate Program Mediabistro, a highly regarded online education site for marketing and media professionals, offers its Social Media Certification Program for $1,650.
Required classes include Social Media 101, Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing, and the popular Social Media Marketing Bootcamp.
Students can opt for an up-front payment of $1,650 for the full program or take individual classes and apply for certification after. Dozens of other complimentary courses offered, including Search & Online Marketing, Strategic Mobile Marketing, and Email Marketing. Splash Media’s certification program offers comprehensive social media training from industry experts. The program emphasizes learning from experts who are currently practicing the strategies they teach and by using case studies of actual clients. Certificate in Social Media The PR News Online program is a conference-based certification. The website does not have a lot of information about the program since it was only launched last summer. Social Media Marketing for Businesses For an affordable social media certification program, it’s hard to beat the $99 price tag offered by ExpertRating.
Expert Rating’s Social Media Certification is ideal for companies who want to train their employees to be social media savvy. Mini-MBA: Social Media Marketing The Rutgers Mini-MBA course consists of nine modules that focus on creating business strategies using social media. It can help you find a job because it shows businesses and organizations a window into your personality, interests and how savvy you are with new social technologies. I’m sure this will change and there will be many more social media, blogging and inbound marketing MOOCs in the coming year because all these skills are becoming must-haves for the job market.
Over 80% of jobs are now found in the informal job marketing (meaning they are not advertised) so having a social media presence and regularly networking (online and offline) is more important than ever. While the course is aimed at people in digital marketing and social media industries, anyone can improve their knowledge of inbound and content marketing by following the 11 free classes and completing the reading assignments and optional homework assignments. You can learn the basics of social media 101 and how to use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogging and YouTube.
It explains the use of email marketing, affiliate marketing, using social media tools such as Twitter, podcasting and blogging, and how to create a successful Facebook page. Regardless, these freely available whitepapers from top social businesses like Hubspot, SpredFast, Salesforce and Hootsuite have some of the best and most current information you’re going to find online. You also get hands-on experience with popular social media tools like blogs, microblogs, podcasts, RSS feeds and more. With automation and outsourcing eliminating most routine work, the most highly paid digital skills of tomorrow will require a high level of creativity and social intelligence.

Most digital marketing programs are too theoretical and digital marketing is a fast evolving industries so you need to be constantly learning through active experimentation to become good enough to consistently make money. Once you have those and you can prove you consistently get results, you’ll be completely indispensable because nearly every online business succeeds or fails based on the quality of their digital marketing (and people who are really good at it are rare). The great thing about this course is that it is designed not just for solo entrepreneurs but also for social media managers of large companies.
Self-motivated learners don’t seem to mind the price tag, considering that the program’s enrollment doubled from 2011 to 2012, and is expected to grow further in 2013. This program also requires two electives, such as courses on community management and social media metrics. HootSuite University also partners with collegiate institutions to empower college students with marketable social media skills.
In addition to certification, HootSuite also offers graduates a place in their Social Media Consultant Directory, boosting online visibility! However, we were able to speak with PR News Online representatives to confirm details about the program.
They offer certification programs in everything from First Aid, CPR and Weight Management to Sigma Six and SEO.
If you want to stay up-to-date on new and cutting edge practices in inbound marketing and social media, I recommend you check for newly published whitepapers on these websites regularly. After attending four conferences in a two-year period, attendees are entitled to a certificate. The one-day conferences are information intensive, and staff has informed us since the program is so new, the real value is in the conference itself. It’s a good thing there are a number of different platforms out there offering social media certification courses that boast solid credentials and a list of impressive clients. If you’re looking for a legitimate way to boost your knowledge and build out your resume, here are some of the top social media certificate courses available right now.
The events feature speakers from a long list of respected organizations such as Whole Foods, Audubon Society, Toshiba, and Bank of America, just to name a few. However, if you have a corporate sponsor, the program will not only equip you with solid social media education but also open up great networking opportunities.

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