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For the first time when a visitor go online and see various ads about making money online, he or she gets totally confused. So the first question, that comes in the mind when he or she go online and visits a website claiming to pay you thousands of dollar per month is this a big fraud or scam.
Therefore, Google jobs from home are genuine and not fraud but yes other programs which are present online could be fake or just a scam. There are millions of people who are working for Google jobs (Adsense program) and making money every month.

I must caution you that never think or imagine that Google jobs will make you rich overnight. In fact, many individuals are ready to abandon their highly paid 9 to 5 job and join Google online jobs from home.
I hope these 11 questions and their answers will try to clarify your doubts about Google jobs.
If it does not reach your home then it will be returned back to Google and then Google will again send back to you.

There are people who are working for Google Jobs for over 10 years now and they are planning to work for next 10 – 20 years.

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