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There is now a plethora of TESOL job websites; many are forum-based and many, particularly the automated ones, share the same databases. Application forms provide all candidates with an equal opportunity to demonstrate their suitability for a teaching position.
If a recruiter replies or calls personally, it is a good idea for candidates to be prepared to show that they remember the information about the school and having applied for a job there.
The average EFL teacher lasts less than 4 months in a job before leaving, either because the school did not honour its claims or because the teacher was asked to leave.
Pure common sense in any kind of job application counts for 90% of the success, but less than 45% of applicants for teaching jobs follow all the tips below. Follow the instructions and personalise your applications to the organisation whose ad is being answered.
Grouped applications from partners or friends demonstrate a lack of maturity and independence – qualities which teachers MUST have.

And finally, the best jobs, with the exception of the elite international schools that recruit through the TES or their own bona fide agencies or parent schools in your country, go to those who are already in the country and on call for an interview at a moment’s notice, and who can dress for the part. It’s true that there are more applicants than jobs and that we have to compete for the jobs.
I have good qualifications, followed all the good advice on how to apply for jobs and it worked! Another candidate received a referral for the job – and had similar (or more) experience than you did. Keep your job search up-to-date!Signup now and never miss out on job search trends you need to know! Teaching requires a lot of routine form-filling, so candidates who find application forms tedious may wish to reconsider.
If a school or recruiter only takes people under 45, then they should save applicants’ time by posting that right up front rather than putting it only in a pop-up that appears after the application form has been completed.

Many of the automated applications submitted to the schools by job sites are often not considered because they contain too much, too little or the wrong kind of information. Having been a Peace Corps volunteer, unless it has a direct and positive bearing on the job, is not important. Teaching jobs can be perfectly legitimately gender-specific, so although Thailand may have three genders, neuters don’t get replies to job applications.

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