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As more women enter the workforce, their salaries have increased with their increased presence.
While there is still a salary discrepancy between men and women who perform the same job, the gap is narrowing. Based on figures by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, here are the ten top-paying jobs for women.
Now some of the most popular careers for women are in fields that were once male dominated, including business, legal, engineering and sciences. To begin researching the top jobs for women, start by assessing local needs for your region and what fields are consistently hiring.
Next, talk to a career counselor about well paid careers for women and see what suggestions they might have. In some fields, the trend has reversed and women are earning more than their male counterparts.
Career counselors are usually available at training facilities, colleges or employment agencies. Researching the hottest careers for women and the current job trends in your area, getting professional advice and planning your career will be one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family.
It’s common to see women in high-paying, traditionally-male dominated positions such as attorneys, physicians or Chief Executive Officers.

Programmers are responsible for maintaining the company’s internal network, its presence on the World Wide Web, online sales and all the required hardware.
With chances to work for a clinic, private practice, professional sports team or a chiropractor’s office, physical therapists have a wide range of opportunities awaiting them. Selecting what career you want to pursue will take a bit of research on your part, but will certainly be worth the effort once you finish your training and land that high paying job you’ve always dreamed of. If you are willing to move, this opens up your options, but regardless if you want to stay in your current area or are able to travel, knowing the job market is the first real step in deciding your career.
They can really give some great insight on what sort of training is available for your area, funding options, help with child care as you attend school or training, and even provide helpful tips on how to land that job once you do complete your training. Greater experience, better people skills and keener competition for women employees are three reasons for the rising salaries among the modern female workforce.
Women are willing to take a lower salary if it means they can have a more flexible schedule and spend more time with their family.
With the baby-boomer generation aging, physical therapists will remain in high demand for quite some time. They guide software development, secure the local company network, supervise online and dial-up help lines and oversee Internet sales and operations. Concierge physicians carry a small patient load and charge a yearly fee for a greater level of service.

Checking online frequently and keeping a job search journal is a great way to keep track of hot job trends and in demand fields. There are even some online aptitude assessments and career planning tests that you can take absolutely free, which will give an in depth report and help match your results with career ideas for women in many different fields. Trial lawyers earn the most, especially for defense attorneys and civil lawsuit litigators. Patients routinely seek advice on drug interactions, information on their medications and help with their insurance forms from their pharmacist, so people skills are valuable in this position. It is the highest paying job in the field that has the most and best opportunities for women. Being a chief executive comes with privileges like short workdays and long vacations that are perfect for a woman who wants to balance her family life with her career.

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