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Average Office Generalist salaries for job postings in Lexington, KY are 25% lower than average Office Generalist salaries for job postings nationwide.
In 2012, Lexington was chosen to be the new home to a Global Services Center for Bingham McCutchen LLP. About 36 percent of jobs were in office and administrative support, sales, or food preparation and serving occupations. Ninety occupations, representing about 10.4 million jobs, had median wages that fell within 5 percent of the all-occupations median of $35,080.
If state and local government schools and hospitals are excluded, the occupations with the highest public sector employment included police and sheriff’s patrol officers, correctional officers and jailers, postal service mail carriers, and firefighters.

Another 14 million jobs were in sales occupations, primarily retail salespersons and cashiers, and nearly 12 million jobs were in food service occupations. The largest occupations also included combined food preparation and serving workers, waiters and waitresses, registered nurses, and general office clerks.
Correctional officers and jailers was the largest occupation in state government, and police and sheriff’s patrol officers was the largest occupation in local government. Although most of the largest occupations were low paying, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) jobs and other occupations requiring postsecondary education often had much higher wages.
This Spotlight on Statistics uses data from the Occupational Employment Statistics program to provide an overview of occupational employment and wages in May 2013, with an emphasis on STEM jobs and occupational data by typical entry-level education required.

The median wage represents the wage earned by workers in the middle of the wage distribution, meaning that half of jobs paid less than this amount and the other half paid more.

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