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We have the expertise and experience to provide testing across all industries, both DOT and Non-DOT.
According to Thomas Dobie, who used to work in a drug testing lab, you’d have to be an idiot to fail a drug test for cocaine. While random tests are common at some employers, particularly in safety-sensitive industries like transportation, you'll most likely get sufficient advanced warning about a drug test.
If you've decided to smoke, snort or inject yourself silly regardless of impending tests, there are other ways to pass, and those fall into two main categories. Some people believe that soaps, particularly dishwasher detergent, will make a sample test negative. Instead of trying to mask a urine sample that will likely test positive, you could try flushing your system of the toxins that cause a sample to be positive in the first place. So, while flushing your system may save you from a failed test, it doesn't necessarily mean you'll pass, either. Our mobile collectors will come on site, which eliminates travel time for indiviudals that need to be tested. The best way to beat a drug test is simple, cheap and easy: Don't do drugs in the weeks leading up to the test.

It's likely that scientists will know you've added it, and besides, Dobie says you'd likely still test positive for the original drug use. By doing so, you'd create a substance similar to Kroll's double-blind samples, which are synthetically made in the lab to be used as a control in the testing process.
He’d confirm that someone passed the test by looking over the data of a given sample and confirming that it tested below minimum values for whichever drugs were being tested for. Our DOT drug and alcohol testing services are conducted in accordance to the Fedral Drug Free workplace. Even if something like detergent doesn't change the color of your sample (which would almost certainly raise a red flag), it may cause it to bubble when transported or transferred to a test tube.
So long as the sample contains the proper amount of creatinine, it won't "blank out" during the test. According to a 2004 American Management Association (AMA) study, 61.8% of companies surveyed said they test employees for illegal substances. We’ve stolen a little bit from each of them here, but be warned: the time will be much longer for a hair test. So, erring on the extreme side of caution, it's probably best to refrain from smoking pot three months prior to testing.

Some tests are preceded by a pat-down and others are literally observed (read: someone watches you pee) by the test administrator. In the end, if we had to take a drug test (which we don't) and were habitual drug abusers (which we swear we're not), we'd stop using for the time being and try our best to flush our systems. By doing so, he could confirm what a preliminary test had already shown—that a given urine sample had tested positive for a specific type of drug. Dobie recalls a sample that testers believed to be positive, but an unknown substance prevented a positive confirmation. A visit to a GNC and a Vitamin World at the Westfield Shoppingtown Mall in Enfield found such a product, along with pills and special shampoos (for hair tests).
However, whether you just drank lots of water or juice, or supplemented that process with something from your friendly neighborhood vitamin store, it will likely be apparent to drug testers. There are products available to deceive monitors in the case of an observed test (read: a fake penis that dispenses a clean urine sample) and they're available online.

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