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Employers throughout New York City are responsible for withholding and paying particular taxes, including federal, Social Security and Medicare, from their employees' wages.
Average US Employment Tax Associate Director salaries for job postings in New York, NY are 36% higher than average US Employment Tax Associate Director salaries for job postings nationwide.
These taxes must be paid on a monthly or quarterly basis, and any failure to pay employment or payroll taxes may have extremely serious consequences, not only for the business and its owner but potentially for other employees who are deemed responsible for payroll tax payment.
Protect your interests and your legal rights immediately by involving an experienced New York City payroll tax lawyer.

The IRS may actually hold various employees personally liable for unpaid payroll taxes, depending on their role in the company and responsibility for financial, payroll or tax-related matters. At Melnik Law Group, PLLC, we represent taxpayers, employees and business owners throughout Brooklyn, Manhattan and all of New York City in regard to payroll tax issues. We can offer you much-needed advice and legal counsel in this situation to help ensure that you are not held personally accountable for these taxes. Payroll taxes are one of few debts that cannot be discharged through bankruptcy, should this be the company's last resort.

In seeking payment, the IRS may not only go after the owner of the business but may hold other employees fully responsible for the tax debt.
This may include any individual responsible for making financial decisions, reporting payroll taxes, paying bills or signing checks.

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