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The Glenmont Job Corps Academy houses approximately 340 students in four on-campus dorms and offers career technical training in 6 career paths as well as a GED program, on-line High School Diploma, Career Success Standards, Student Government and Leadership. The Glenmont Job Corps Academy was formerly known as “Our Lady of Angels Seminary” prior to becoming the New York Job Corps Center in 1976.
Student Recognition Earth Day Every Day Recognition The National Office of Job Corps generated excitement and participation in its Earth Day Every Day campaign by recognizing the student bodies that displayed outstanding leadership in various initiatives such as recycling, and energy and water reduction.

Demand-Side Management Recognition Two rounds of Demand-Side Management evaluations recognized the student bodies at two centers from each of Job Corps' six regions for their extraordinary efforts in recycling, reducing waste, cutting back on water and energy usage, green training projects, and promoting an energy-efficient center culture. For example, students at the Iroquois Job Corps Center in New York implemented initiatives to save approximately 368,000 gallons of water per year by replacing showerheads and toilets with water-saving devices and cutting electricity costs by installing energy-efficient light bulbs. Students from the Paul Simon Chicago Job Corps Center established a permanent center committee, the BIONIC (Believe It Or Not I Care) Green Team, composed of students and staff members, to address ways the center can increase its sustainability.

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