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I am Juliet Rocco, a 4th year New Media Marketing Major at the Saunders College of Business. For me, success will be defined not only by how well I combine my analytical business side with my creative artistic side, but how I use my love of new cultures, new people, new places and new ideas to be fulfilled and challenged in my career and in my relationships. This entry was posted in Austin Bartlett, New Media Marketing, Rochester Institute of Technology and tagged austin, bartlett, BlueShift Media, douglas elliman, manhattan real estate, marketing, new media marketing, new york, real estate intern, rit, Riviva Clothing, rochester institute of technology, Sant'Anna Institute on February 17, 2015 by RIT Sema Admin 1.
As a Marketing Coordinator for Dale Carnegie Training, I get to promote events, workshops and courses through social media and email blasts.

Later, in high school, I began to be drawn towards digital arts and media, and even started my own small graphic design company.
We also manage and add content to their social media channels, create presentations and attend staff and client meetings.
I'm in contact with other Marketing Coordinators nationally and we share ideas through conference calls on Skype. A typical day for me: I maintain the social media accounts, craft emails for events and figure out creative ways to promote the franchise.

During my stay overseas, I was exposed to new lifestyles, ways of thinking, and very different business practices that allowed me to grow and learn in ways that no classroom ever could.

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