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At my first job as an independent researcher at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, they told me I could work on most anything, but not what I knew something about. That is actually very good advice to a young person starting a career because you bring new ideas to the field.
Instead of creating new jobs, Republicans gave tax cuts to companies that send jobs overseas.

Boeing started a new line for their 787 Dreamliner, creating 1,000 new jobs in South Carolina, giving our state a shot in the arm when we truly needed it.
We've outpaced Japan and Europe in creating new jobs, but there's major competition from India and China.
The Recovery plan will put money in the pockets of the American worker, create and save millions of new jobs and invest in crucial areas such as health care, education, energy independence and a new infrastructure.

And he went from the loss of tens of thousands jobs when he became governor to the creation of 40,000 new jobs when he left office.

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