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In short, the new council appears to be Scott Matas, Joe McKee, Russell Betts, Yvonne Parks and Anayeli Zavala.
The proposed ordinance to increase the minimum sizes of new homes was soundly denied 5-0, after hearing strongly negative comments from many members of the public. Craig Ewing, formerly of the City of Palm Springs and currently sitting as a director with the Desert Water Agency has been hired to work 20 hours a week to work solely on medical marijuana development. In Spring 2011 Officer Paul Tapia [the redactor's marker sort of half missed the line] 'committed an act which warranted discipline.
These are the words of Pastor Jesse Sanchez of Living Word In The Desert, and is, BTW, the person responsible for creating the Brownstown gang. I've been reluctant to say, because I don't want to jinx it, but since I moved to Desert Hot Springs in September 2004 I have not been made aware of any homophobia, racism, anti-semitism or any other hatefulness in Desert Hot Springs. I assume every registered voter in Desert Hot Springs got the same mailer from Walmart that I got.

In about 18 months the congregation will move to a new location, after which the marijuana cultivation will take place in all the buildings. On the map you can see that in the county (west side of Little Morongo) it's called Kranshire Road and in Desert Hot Springs it's just dirt - not even a dirt road, but just dirt. In my short twelve years in California, this is a new thing for me — a developer building a political campaign before releasing the Environmental Impact Report.
If you want to tear off the postcard that is attached to the mailer in order to get on the Walmart informational mailing list, you will also be endorsing the statement "I support Walmart and the jobs and benefits it brings to local communities." A pretty sweeping statement.
The total area is said to be 23,250 square feet in the agenda, but the cultivator says the area used for growing will not exceed 22,000 square feet, the limit set in the new state law.
He said 1,200 people showed up for the event at the Miracle Springs hotel, but there were never 1,200 people in the building at one time. A new visitor to our city seeing the empty storefronts in our downtown might reasonably assume there was already a Walmart in DHS.

Hotel Paseo will be opening in Palm Desert and will be opening its doors in early 2017.A new hotel is soon coming to the desert's most popular shopping district and people are excited about the changes it could bring. You can also check the box indicating you want to join the euphemistically entitled "Desert Hots [sic] Springs Citizens for Jobs and Economic Growth." If I found out that several of our local citizens had organized that group and then had a vigorous discussion about whether we would get more jobs and economic growth with or without a Walmart, then it might be a worthy organization to join. Sanchez 'arranged for around 20 people to be bused in from a local drug rehabilitation facility to demonstrate in support of Officer Tapia.' One protestor told Desert Sun reporter Kate McGinty that he lived at 'Hope For Life' recovery center.

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