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California jobs chart California employers added just 8,200 net new jobs in September. Moreover, 2.8 million jobs have been added to payrolls in the past year alone, and more than half (52%) were filled by women.
All that changed Friday, when a surprisingly strong jobs report hinted at the sort of wage growth that the American economy has been waiting for for years. Friday’s jobs report was an upside surprise, with job growth surging, the unemployment rate falling, and most important, average hourly earnings rising at twice as fast as economists had expected they would.
The number was well above economists expectations of 182,000 new jobs, and revisions to previous months’ estimates show that the economy is supporting an additional 12,000 new jobs than previously thought.
Friday’s jobs report could very well be one of the most consequential since the runup to the 2012 election. The consensus estimate is 182,000 new jobs, reflecting the fact that economists expect job growth to slow somewhat as the unemployment rate and labor market slack continues to shrink.

Then there’s the employment-to-population ratio, which compares the number of employed women in their prime working years, ages 25-54, to all women in that age group, regardless of whether they have jobs or are seeking one. The October jobs report is out, and apparently it has caused a bit of concern at the spin machine that is Fox News.
For comparison, under Reagan there were 23 months when the economy added over 300,000 jobs. In September, just over 70 million women held jobs, a net gain of 2.8 million positions from the start of the recession. 6, 2015 10:58 AM ESTTweetEmailThe American economy added 271,000 new jobs last month, 90,000 of which were needed to keep up with population growth.
That’s because there are more working-age Americans today with part-time jobs, who want to be working full time, or who have dropped out of the labor market altogether than there have been in generations.
As is typical in downturns, male workers lost their jobs first and more quickly in the Great Recession because male employment is concentrated in vulnerable industries like manufacturing and construction.

This means that net job growth clocked in at a brisk 181,000 jobs—nearly all of it in the private sector.
Jobs keep growing under Republican presidential control we lose jobs and the economy sucks. Most of these jobs were in educational and health services (55,000 jobs) and retail (50,000 jobs). Stay organized as you apply to jobs, so you can keep recruiters updated on the status of your availability for a position.

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