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Obtaining certification, however, requires on-the-job experience, according to Trends in NDT Certification and Training in Canada, a report written in 2011 by Cote, P.K.
However, this problem could be minimized if more companies offered entry-level jobs to new graduates. The lack of certified personnel has current NDT inspectors working lots of overtime, Cote says, and there is general agreement that employee burn-out is increasingly an issue. Cote’s report cites an increase in self-guided, computer- and Internet-based education that is eroding the most effective way of learning NDT techniques: hands-on, classroom-based, training at organizations that deliver practical labs for students along with their academic lectures. Graduates may not be receiving their education in a way that best prepares them for NDT certification exams and the workforce, he explains.
I think you guys are being a bit unfair to all the young workers who are trying to establish a solid NDT career. It’s interesting to see these comments when I see job postings for real jobs for NDT people.
Then started welding inspection course like AWS,CSWIP,CWB and successfully completed after certification in NDT and welding know moved for API . I like to share that even 120 crore people’s in India and huge NDT technician availability there are shortage on NDT technicians and evaluators. Bakos NDT Provides Non-destructive Testing services in western Canada and is wholly Albertan owned and operated. NDT is the testing of solid materials (metals, plastics, ceramics and composites) as well as their manufactured components and structures using testing methods that do no harm the part undergoing testing for various flaws and defects.
Life before SAIT: Before coming to SAIT to teach NDT in 2004, I served 30 years with the Canadian Air Force.

Favourite moments in class:Watching the "light bulb" turn on when one by one the students grasp the complex intricacies of some NDT inspections and seeing how excited they get! When I need a break from reality I sneak over to the Alberta College of Art and Design - ACAD - for a visit to the jewellery metals and sculpture departments.
NDT company Edmonton delivering many types of non destructive testing methods - Insight Inspections Inc. Our clients value our attention to detail, the professionalism, the prompt delivery of NDT results, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing they will get thorough concise results, developed by NDT inspection technicians who have extensive non destructive testing training and use the latest non-destructive testing technology. Yes, we handle both short and long duration non-destructive test assignments for clients in Edmonton, Alberta and other locations in Western Canada. Based on numbers from the NRCan NDT CB, the committee estimates there are about 5,200 CGSB-certified professionals in Canada—not enough to keep pace with the demand based on feedback from some committee members, he notes. However, they do not possess the necessary skill-set or experience to perform high-quality inspection jobs,” says Nikhil Jain, an analyst with the firm.
But my wife and I are both certified inspectors and there is not a lot of NDT jobs out there. But there is also a lot of MEDIOCRE NDT inspectors out there — guys with minimal qualifications. In fact SAIT in Alberta uses this tactic to get people to pay for a short 15 week course and then sends them out the door with visions of grandeur.
Since 1982 Bakos NDT has provided services to all types of industry from Electrical generating power plant Turbines to Jet Turbine powered natural gas pumps, from pulp and paper machines to major oilfield construction projects. I enlisted originally in 1974 as an Airframe Technician and was fortunate to be selected for the Canadian Forces NDT Specialty in 1980.

Not only graduating our programs but also seeing them use in particular the training which I provided in successfully challenging the federal government examinations and acquiring their certifications then advancing onward in their new careers in NDT.
We understand the importance of keeping up-to-date on the latest NDT techniques and invest regularly in training and equipment upgrades. NDT is used throughout all industries (manufacturing, construction, transportation petro-chemical, power generation etc.) to ensure public safety, protect the environment and ensure industrial productivity and economic sustainability.
While in the air force I was posted from one end of the country to the other carrying out a wide variety of NDT inspections mostly on aircraft but also on other structures and components.
Three and a half years at Lethbridge Iron Works prior to Molson and at a variety of machine shops in Alberta during my apprenticeship. I meet TONS of NDT Techs who ONLY do shutdowns or pipelines and generally have 1 or 2 tickets. I gradually rose up through the ranks to supervise the CFNDT training section in Trenton, Ontario and went on to supervise the CFNDT facilities in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and Cold Lake, Alberta where I also served as a Director on the Board for the United Way in those cities. And only 5200 hundred certified tech when the CGSB numbers are well over 13,000.please show me where all these jobs are and than I can keep the wolves off my step. All the guys with multiple tickets & experience immediately get in-town work with NDT companies after the shutdown is over. I frequently get emails in Linkedin from NDT companies all over Canada asking me to come work for them, I turn jobs down all the time because my current NDT position has perks not offered by other companies.

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