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Multimedia covers a wide variety of job areas including web design, computer games design, advertising graphics, animation and new media. When I was a student I was never aware that you could offer your skills in the corporate world putting into practice all areas of multimedia. Google using search criteria such as Educational Software, Multimedia, Educational Publishing.
Web Designers with HTML and multimedia skills - networking, XML, AJAX, PHP, Flash, JavaScript and Java skills are in demand. POSTGRADUATE STUDY: A postgraduate computing conversion course or multimedia course would be the best route for graduates in subjects other than those above.

One Kent graduate looking for work as a multimedia designer, sent his CV as a computer program dressed up as an old fashioned analogue phone, dialing 1presented the personal details, dialing 2 gave education, 3 personal details etc.
For students, teens and new graduates looking for a stress-free career in the future, you will not definitely find one.
However, each of the responsibility comes with challenges and some of those careers are stressful than the others.
Multimedia is used in libraries, museums, security systems, cable TV, publishing houses, schools, retailers, films, games, training and video conferencing.
You can browse in the Careers Centre as you would a library or ask at reception if you need help.

Design your own web page - make it look professional, then send out speculative CVs to multimedia employers with instructions of how to access your web pages. Web Designers with HTML and multimedia skills - networking, HTML, Flash, CGI, JavaScript and Java skills in demand.

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