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TweetSocial-Media-Monitoring: How it's doneBefore you engage in social web, you should listen to what the community is saying about your brand. First, you should be quite clear about what are the objectives and areas of application of monitoring. Specialised social media monitoring tools perform these tasks and make time-consuming operations easier. The connection to existing CRM systems and direct interaction of the monitoring tool, e.g.

In addition to daily monitoring, various reports should also be created specifically for the management. As with any social media project your approach is important: Take time to introduce the project and go on with the openness and curiosity of a beginner.
Implementation, operation and optimisation: Setup of the organisation and processes, gradual involvement of other stakeholders in relation to the reporting and data quality, continuous monitoring, maintenance of data and development of the keyword worlds.
With social media monitoring, it is also possible to be informed promptly of impending crises and problems.

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