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Social Networking (noun): The use of dedicated websites and applications to communicate informally with other users, or to find people with similar interests to oneself. But there are many more social media platforms that are continuing to develop and grow; meeting a variety of new social and mobile demands throughout the globe. These days, it’s completely normal to meet someone and later look them up online and send them a Facebook friend request; a LinkedIn connection request, or follow them on Twitter. In a span of a decade, social networking has truly evolved from an almost meaningless social activity of adding friends; friends of friends, and strangers— simply to increase the number of connections. At this very minute, there are partnerships underway between the various social networking sites and other companies.

Partnerships will strengthen the different companies and will help to create new social media features. Ralph is an international businessman with a wealth of experience in developing; telecommunications, data transmission, CATV and internet companies. The last 10 years have greatly shaped our current communication methods; leading many to eagerly await how it will change and adapt in the future years. And while all of this is fine and dandy, more businesses are uploading videos to educate and increase their branded presence. There are too many social networking players to evaluate; each of whom are remodeling their platforms to keep up with technology and various social demands.

And if anything, social networking will continue to create revolutionary new ways to stay connected in different capacities.

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