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Enter the Modeling Mentor Model Search—a great way to be seen by the top agents who receive my monthly Modeling Newsletter showcasing the finalists!
What makes Click Modeling Agency popular are its famous models, starting from supermodel Elle MacPherson, classic beauty Isabella Rosellini, Bond beauty Grace Jones, actress Uma Thurman, and even the late Whitney Houston.
Showing up in person may slightly increase your odds of being signed, but the odds of getting representation in New York are always tiny.

It has agencies in Atlanta, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, Miami, North Carolina, and Philadelphia.
With a superior standard of service and the highest caliber of talent, we have become one of the most sought out and well-respected boutique modeling agencies in New York City. Don’t drop $1,000 on a trip to New York unless you are eager to see the Empire State Building anyway and don’t have expectations of becoming a supermodel within the month!

Overall, it could be said that being model is a rewarding career especially if reputable agencies like Click manages your portfolio.

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