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Most businesses nowadays integrate social media as part of their ovearall marketing strategy, but not all of them include mobile in the equation. Mobile users have access to your business at any time, from anywhere, and they are demanding. So it is essential to have a mobile-adapted website, but also a good social media strategy combined with it. Targeted customers who are included in these campaigns will receive an SMS with a link that will redirect them to a mobile-adapted website (note that this is important, since they will be viewing these messages from their mobile device).
Social media trends in 201414 December, 20142 CommentsEvery years some trends come out on social media. There are many reports and articles today that address this, and statistic relative to social media and mobile usage are especially interesting.

Figures say that 80% of mobile users that visit a website that is not mobile optimized, will abandon the search, and what’s worse, 20% of them will turn to a competitor.
A good social media plan that meets your customers wherever they access your business from will help you boost your business and prevent you from missing out on an ever increasing number of mobile users. Google Places, Yelp, Foursquare, Twitter… All these social networks are already mobile, so by joining them, your customers will find your business online more easily. It is an augmented reality platform that creates interactive, engaging material for mobile social media. Like, for instance, the amount of social media users that access social media networks from their mobile phone: more than 40%. But these setbacks can be easily overcome if you use SMS marketing to send a link to a mobile website.

It is more difficult to scroll in a mobile device, so navigation needs to be vertical, and the message shorter. Track your social media on mobile.Read moreGender differences in mobile phone use and social media apps28 May, 20140 CommentsSex battles in mobile social media usage. You need to make its presence noted using social networks, but there are a few things that you must take into account when doing this. The platform allows small and medium companies to promote themselves using ads like promoted tweets or promoted account but with lower price than before.Read moreMobile Social Networking18 October, 201315 CommentsSocial websites can be easily integrated into your site with a plugin that will add a like button, a comments box, etc.

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