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Social networks are the most common way of online interaction nowadays, and there are dozens of different social networks you can join. Radar: These sites use the growing interest in location-based services that can keep track of where you are and connect you to friends that are nearby.
Dating service: most like desktop versions, these sites allow you to create an online profile that will be used to match you to users with compatible profiles. Medial share: These sites focus on sharing files with your friends and groups as quickly and efficiently as possible. Most of our favorite social networks, save Pinterest (crossing my fingers a mobile app will hit Android soon), are available on our mobiles, but they probably didn’t start out that way.

But mobile social networking sites are different from regular networking sites in one basic aspect: they are conceived to be used in a mobile device, with all its implications. Some sites also allow you to check if there is a place of your interest in your surrounding area, or if any of your friends comes within a certain distance of you. However, mobile sites can also use location-based services to alert you on the go when there is someone who matches your profile within a certain distance. Social media marketers are also push to take internet mobile, Smartphone was the most preferred phone for advertisers in Q3 2012 with 75% campaigns.
I am going to talk about the most effective techniques for getting real website visitors to your site, and increasing the number of leads you currently have.

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