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Since the majority of the contractors had previously served in the military, it’s possible that their PTSD was a legacy of that service. The great benefit of contractors, from the government’s point of view, is that they can be hired when necessary, then let go when no longer needed. Find overseas contract jobs faster in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait and other high risk areas with defense and private military contractors.
But the study also found that how much combat a contractor was exposed to on the job correlated with probable PTSD, suggesting that the contracting work itself was at least partly to blame. There are many military contract jobs available in varying departments, from I would like to solicit generator sales or services as a military contractor. International civilian and military contractor jobs, Conflict zone jobs and security recruitment in the Middle East, Africa, USA and Europe.

And while it’s also possible that PTSD is underreported among soldiers, the American military has made a concerted push in recent years to destigmatize PTSD and help soldiers and veterans deal with it. The Rand paper drives home that for the contractors themselves, though, the costs continue. Military, defense contractor, defense engineer, intelligence yst, facility security and other top secret resumes are needed to fill cleared jobs. The premier site for Hiring Managers to find qualified, experienced Military Veterans who are seeking employment.
The majority of the contractors suffering from it, the Rand study found, were not being treated. Many people don’t know that there are a multitude of jobs for civilian contractors in the military itself.

As the Rand paper points out, the Department of Defense alone “employed 155,826 contractors alongside 152,275 U.S. Almost as many (18 percent) of the contractors also screened positive for depression and 10 percent reported high-risk drinking. The Top 100 Contractors Report on the Federal Procurement Data System lists the top one hundred defense contractors by sales to the United States military. Military contractor jobs or defense contractor jobs refer to any type of service rendered by a company or individual to the defense department of a government.

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