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In a very real sense, social media has changed the world (mostly for the better) in recent years. It has been proven that businesses which use social media experience a far less significant turnover of staff. Perhaps the first social media site to exist primarily to create connections between employees and employers, having a Linked In profile is fast becoming an absolute necessity if you wish to be taken seriously in the business world.
The undisputed daddies of social media; more than 60% of recruiters now use Facebook and more than 50% use Twitter. What began as a simple way for friends and family members to stay in touch over the internet and organise their media libraries in one convenient place, has morphed into a global market sector worth billions.

This is primarily because social media networks allow companies to find staff members who are more suited to the job, not just professionally, but personally as well. Although Linked In dominates the social media market when it comes to recruitment, the fact that it’s specifically geared towards professionals means that its reach is rather limited. Don’t delay and let your social media profile be the last thing you decide to focus on, if anything, it should be the first thing you focus on as it can be linked to all other aspects of your recruitment campaign. Most of the top-tier companies are now using social media as their primary source for new employees as it not only works as a means for hiring new staff, but as an incredibly cost-effective marketing campaign. For many companies and recruitment firms, Linked In endorsements are incredibly useful tools for gauging whether or not an applicant’s claims can be backed up by their fellow professionals.

There is also the opportunity with social media to build a more tangible and emotional connection to your employees by building a more attractive and personable company brand.
Social media is fundamentally changing the way business gets done, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

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