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Skills that you would want to your profile might be: Social Media Marketing, Social Media, Integrated Marketing, Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, New Media, etc.
For this example I clicked in to the Social Media Manager position at Internet Marketing Inc.
If you look up the term social media on the internet, you will find a lot of definitions provided by various dictionaries, as well as by some prominent marketing experts.
Some of the most important social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. According to the definition published on Wikipedia, “Social Media Management is the business related function of managing multiple social media channels for the purposes of marketing communication, reputation protection, and customer acquisition.
Social media manager is in charge of publishing content and keeping social media accounts active and engaging.
Coordinating various social media account can be a very time-consuming and difficult job, but there are applications that can help with management of multiple social media accounts such as HootSuite. Monitoring and tracking the statistic data is also a part of duties imposed on social media managers. In addition, social media manager has to monitor the competition, as well as current trends in the industry, in order to implement any improvements necessary in his or her social media strategy, or to suggest improvements for the entire marketing strategy of the company.

Analysis of the overall activity on social media accounts and feedback have to recorded in a report that can be inspected by the internal teams in the company in the purpose of shaping the marketing strategy in the future and utilizing any opportunities available. In the infographic below, titled “The Three S’s of Social Media Maintenance” you can see three essential aspects of work conducted by social media managers.
Set up – It refers to setting up the social media accounts, connecting with others and communicating within groups or commenting on blogs.
Strategize – It refers to creating your online strategy when it comes to managing social media accounts.
Social media manager is a relatively new job position that requires persons who are good at communicating and connecting with people, who are able to motivate and to engage users in the purpose of promoting business via social media accounts. When people first hear the term social media, the first thing that comes to their mind is probably Facebook, Twitter or some similar site. What they all have in common is that social media is all about communication, connection and sharing multimedia content.
Various types of content can be published on social media accounts, such as links, videos, images, text posts, etc.
They are supposed to monitor the statistics of the social media accounts in order to optimize their work.

In addition, social media manager has to be well organized and able to manage multiple account and, at the same time, to be active in various online communities and familiar with modern trends.
Even if you haven’t done Social Media in the past but are looking to transition into this line of work, include relevant achievements in past positions that relate to the job. For Example: I’m endorsed 88 times for Social Media Marketing which means that if someone were searching for a Social Media person, I’d be more likely to show up than someone who has been endorsed 10 times. And yes, those are the social networking sites, but let’s see what does this term really involves.
Social media manager has to engage fans by publishing useful content, by organizing online promotion, by joining discussions and communicating with social media followers.
It should be a devoted person who is able to successfully monitor and coordinate social media marketing strategy of a company. Go on Indeed or one of the other job listing sites, type in “Social Media Manager”, get 2-3 examples of job descriptions and then tailor your LinkedIn profile to match what the companies would be looking for.

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