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Staudinger knew she wanted to pursue a career in sports media relations, and no classroom could provide the learning environment that interning for her hometown team could. During my senior year at the University of Washington, I took a Sports Reporting class with Jerry Brewer, a notable sports columnist with the Seattle Times. Throughout the course of the quarter, journalists and other sports media figures came into our class to discuss their roles, the VP of Communications for the Mariners was scheduled to visit at the end of the quarter. Contacting the visiting teams public relations department and traveling media to provide information about Seattle. The biggest challenge for working with their digital media platforms was to keep the information concise. I would typically get on the field early enough for the Mariners batting practice and listen to the manager’s address to the media in the dugout.
In my opinion, confidence is a very important skill for someone who wants to work in sports media relations. You have to be confident in yourself and your skills and not intimidated to speak with the media and athletes. Hello Brian, i’m ahlaam a high school student who is eager to find an internship in the sport media world! Also be sure to follow this link to find over 625 sports internships currently listed on our site! December 16, 2014 by Brian Clapp 8 Comments Milwaukee Brewers Media Relations Manager John Steinmiller Jr.
I knew I wanted to work in sports, primarily because I believe you are only good at things you are passionate about, but I wasn’t clear on what I would actually do in the industry. Media Relations is a piece of the Public Relations action, a singular focus of strategic communication with the plethora of former journalism majors who bombard your organization with requests and questions.
Part of the Public Relations group will be a few members dedicated solely to Media Relations.

Gate-keeping is just as it sounds, in a media relations job you are the gate that sits between internal information and public knowledge, deciding what gets out and what stays in. In media relations, you play a role in this by promoting stories you want told, developing contacts in the media to get your messaging out and being able to work with the media on story angles and helping craft public perception.
Media Relations jobs have a high-ceiling, often growing within a team or organization into Director of Public Relations or VP of Communication roles. For a class field trip we went to the Mariners pre-spring training media luncheon and it was there that I discovered I wanted to pursue a career in sports media relations. I prepared a special resume for the VP and at the end of class I approached him with my resume, discussed my passion for baseball, the Mariners and my interest in working in sports and asked if there were any upcoming positions for interns. The one question that came as a surprise to me was when she asked about the pre-spring training media luncheon I went to and what I would do differently if I was in charge of the event. Overall, I enjoyed the ability to be creative and use humor for the social media platforms. I would take photos of players interacting with fans and other players from visiting teams, special guests on the field and other noteworthy interactions as well as artistic shots for social media use. Strong communication skills are also very important, especially for handling media requests. I am a broadcast journalism major with a minor in PR and I’ve recently became interested in sports media relations. The way I saw it, my options were three: Sports Broadcasting, Media Relations or Physical Therapy.
Physical Therapy felt loosely connected to sports, while the other two options seemed more in my wheelhouse…well, that and Biology and Chemistry are stinking hard. Public Relations is the communication between the corporation and everyone else impacted by the corporation in order to achieve mutual benefit. As a member of the media, one of my prized possessions was the mass of media guides located directly behind my desk.

Reporters often are allowed to use their personality or style in story-telling, but in Media Relations oftentimes the tools of the trade are press releases which are not a mode of personal expression. A journalist attached to a mass media outlet has a powerful voice, their words and the way they share information informs their listening, reading or watching public what is important. Media members are always looking for a good story to tell, the better you are at becoming their eyes and ears in the organization the better the chances are your employer will get positive press. If you are always pitching stories to the media that aren’t worthy, no matter how nice you are you will start to get tuned out. This article has given me so much insight and I can not wait to find an internship related to media relations. They are the hands-on tool of the journalist and before you snarkily remind me of the glory of the internet, media guides are better. If you lose the trust or faith of a media contact it sure is going to be hard to ensure adequate media coverage. It’s also a job where charisma and relationship building is important, so it challenges both sides of your brain. Chi Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques $135.49 The following content was provided by the publisher. The most comprehensive and up-to-date public relations writing text available has just been updated in its 7th edition.
A uniquely comprehensive text, Sports Media emphasizes the skills that you will need in order to be successful in the industry.

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