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Leadtail, a leading social media research and strategy firm has revealed some trends interesting for Marketers in its March 2015 Study of almost 1500 CMO’s.
People like visuals-and thats why marketer’s are focusing more and more on visual content-this means investing in resources focusing on images and videos.
In this article you’ll discover the best tips and tools shared on the Social Media Marketing podcast so far this year. Visit the special Social Media Examiner OptinMonster link (affiliate link) to check it out. It’s handy for podcast show notes, blog posts, social media posts and even tall images for Pinterest. Michael Stelzner is the founder and CEO of Social Media Examiner, and host of the Social Media Marketing podcast.
Here are some great recipe ideas that you can use to make your social media processes more efficient.
As you can see, IFTTT allows you to streamline specific social media tasks so you can get the benefits without having to do a lot of the repetitive work. Kristi Hines is a contributing editor for Social Media Examiner, freelance writer, and HubSpot Inbound Certified Marketer. In this article I’ll reveal the five major challenges social media marketers face and a way to overcome them.

In an ideal world you should be able to benefit from the wisdom of social media Jedi, from wherever you are. Social Media Examiner has been working for years to build relationships with all of the Obi-Wans and Yodas in our industry. We bring together 35 social media pros in an intensive online training opportunity, where you’ll be joined by 4,000 fellow marketers in a live group learning environment.
To overcome the challenges faced by every social media marketer and increase your chances for success, invest in an intensive, short-term professional development program like the Social Media Success Summit. Many times having a social media presence requires a shift in where a business spends their time, energy and budget.
I hate advertising advertisers marketeers profiteers rapacious stupidity bogging up social media sites.
And this makes sense-there is usually more share-worthy content in LinkedIn for professionals in comparison to other social media. For the marketer, its no longer important to have a large audience, rather its better to have a more valuable audience-all eyes are now on audience engagement, the higher their activity the better. Great list of creative tips and tools for social media marketers, there is never enough time in the day but with these tools I will be able to save a couple hours a day now by Implementing these tips!
Your Hello Bar and header on the home page don’t have a way of clicking to get to the Social Media Summit order page.

There are so many good social media marketing tools that it’s difficult to pick one as the best. Be sure to explore IFTTT and see what tasks you can automate for your social media campaign today.
I noticed my web dev colleagues using this tool in the past, and always wondered how I could use it to help automate some of my social media tasks.
I was also really intrigued with how the Summit is split up over a one-month period; I’m looking forward to trying this out, as it’s been hard to peel away from my work to balance social media needs,” said Carlee Wilson. We used this alert app during Social Media Marketing World to let us know when a certain help hashtag was being tweeted. There is a never ending amount of research that a job in social media requires and most people think that we just sit playing with Twitter and FB all day!

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