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Having never been over seas before, VAC was a godsend in helping me become acclimated to Cape Town, South Africa. VAC coordinated my film production internship with BigSky Productions based in Cape Town, South Africa. My favorite trip that I made during my time in South Africa was road tripping along the Garden Route.
Also, Cape Town is amazing and if you are considering it against other options, I would advise you stop and just go to South Africa with VACorps in the drivers seat. You will be individually placed in a specific company within the film, advertising or media industry, based on your experience and interests. If you are considering a marketing internship in South Africa, you will have a wonderful range of options to choose from when we search for your ideal internship site. We offer a comprehensive array of internship openings within the South African financial sector, ranging from financial management to micro finance.
South Africa is home to a very active and outspoken media that takes its role as the "fourth estate" quite seriously. However, in defense of being called lazy, I find the timing fitting for what I want to say about my time in South Africa.

Then, after building up an exceptional knowledge of chick-flicks, at about age 11 I adapted my dream and decided that there was absolutely no option but to go to Africa as a journalist as soon as humanly possible. It is a highway that travels along the southern part of the country with little towns along the way, each having their own niche. During Apartheid, the government routinely censored media content if it contained any sympathies towards the anti-Apartheid movement. Then I stumbled on South Africa and specifically the emerging creative industry in Cape Town and didn’t look back. Today, freedom of press is alive and well in South Africa, and journalists regularly launch vocal opposition to controversial government practices. All of a sudden, being a journalist in Africa and bopping around the world wasn’t all I wanted. As an intern in our program, you will have the opportunity to work in this incredible environment while gaining invaluable international journalism experience.Cape Town, where our program is based, is also home to South African Parliament, so those interested in journalism of a political nature will enjoy the opportunity to cover South Africa's colorful political atmosphere.
The lifestyle in Cape Town was different than suburban Chicago where I grew up, but I found the adjustment to be simple thanks to the laid back culture and development of Cape Town and the structure that VACorps sets in place for your internship in South Africa. The South African magazine industry is located in the city of Cape Town and many internship opportunities exist at local publications such as outdoor magazines and travel guides.

Any journalism student should consider applying - there are a wealth of internships on offer to suit all majors.HighlightsAll journalism and media internships are facilitated through the Volunteer Adventure Corps professional internship program.
As a Journalism volunteer you will research, interview and write content for the magazine and the website. Every week at the Journalism placement each volunteer will have the opportunity to manage the social media pages of the Cape Chameleon and report on what other volunteers are working on. Like any freelance journalist, all volunteers need to show a high level of proactivity and resourcefulness.
Our Journalism placement offers a wide array of opportunities and volunteers who are willing to learn, ask questions and work in partnership with the supervisors will have a fantastic journalism experience.All Journalism volunteers live with host families around Cape Town. You will normally be living in a host with one other volunteer, travelling to work on public transport.You can join a Journalism project in South Africa for two or three weeks if you don't have time to join us for four weeks or more.

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