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You must have passion for social media and emerging trends and strong knowledge of emerging creatives on Instagram, not just popular ones to be considered on this internship.
You must have 2+ years of relevant experience in the Internet, Social Media, Finance or Strategy Consulting industries to be considered for this internship.
You must have digital experience – preferably in social media or digital advertising, excellent communication skills, both verbal and written to be considered for this internship.
The Product Marketing Internship is available to students who can understand and help optimize Facebook’s service value chain to both advertising agencies and companies. You must be avid user of social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest, with an understanding of what makes social content engaging on each platform to be considered for this position. As an intern, you will gain hands-on experience supporting and contributing to the Wikimedia Foundation’s social media accounts, supporting social media strategies, and monitoring and engaging with users from around the world across multiple languages. The Associate Product Manager Internship is available to college juniors who are pursuing a degree in computer science. This includes developing content for our social media channels, reporting on key success metrics, monitoring the landscape and presenting competitive insights and new ideas, and assisting with public relations initiatives. Interns will be involved in social media reporting and analysis, assisting in maintaining the Marvel Audience Network, various online research projects and participation in brainstorming sessions. You must also demonstrate internet knowledge, strong writing, research, and Excel skills and attention to detail and the ability to multi-task to qualify for this internship.
The Social Media Intern is open to current full-time sophomore, junior and senior students. You must have a minimum GPA of 3.0, be able to work as part of a team, have excellent computer skills be able to work independently and have excellent communication skills to be considered for this internship. Intern duties may include maintaining the social media space of the business, creating content to disseminate on social networks, working to identify a relevant audience and monitoring day-to-day social media conversations. You must have excellent communication and organizational skills, the ability to work independently and in teams, the ability to follow through, computer skills, Internet knowledge and experience to be considered for this internship. The Social Media and Online Marketing Internship is available to students with an interest in Africare’s and international issues.
Intern duties may include maintaining and updating website content, updating reporting on online marketing campaign performance, research for support of the marketing and development department, organizing media assets and maintaining communication with the online community.

You must have experience working in an office environment, background in online research, creativity, flexibility, the ability to multitask, and a background in Microsoft Office, Basic HTML code, internet search and social media sites to be considered for this internship.
The intern will shadow and perform technical and administrative back-end functions of marketing campaigns, including monitoring statistics and analytics of online campaigns, social media management, HTML email creation within DreamWeaver and copy editing.
The Digital Marketing Communications Internship is available to junior and senior students pursuing a degree in business, marketing, communications, or a related field.
Intern duties will include analyzing website and social media trends, assisting with special projects, communicate key learnings and contributing to the success of the team. You must have a minimum GPA of 3.0, be detail oriented, and have experience with Microsoft Office to be considered for this internship. The Marketing and Media Intern is available to undergraduate students willing to carry out responsibilities in the following functional areas: marketing, social media outreach, customer relations, public relations, and writing. As an intern, you will act as a liaison for SeeClickFix with the community, media, and government officials with the goal to drive a successful launch of the program through resident activity. The Online Communications Internship is available to junior or senior in an undergraduate program, or recent graduate.
Ideal candidates preferably, possesses either a BA in the area of communications, English, marketing, or journalism to be considered for this internship.
As an intern, you will assist the Online Communications Coordinator in planning, writing and scheduling posts on the Aquarium’s social media channels.
The Marketing Intern, Education Team is available to students enrolled in a marketing, business, PR or communications program and have an interest in promoting content on social media.
As a social media intern this summer, I discover new ways to better use various social media platforms on a daily basis. Hi Scott, a great way to recruit a social media intern is to connect with the career services office at a nearby college. Becoming a social media intern with a law firm may be a new way to get your foot in the door. When it comes to social media interns — a relatively new position rapidly growing in popularity ­— the job involves more than sitting in front of a screen counting Twitter followers.
As more corporations and organizations increase their efforts in the social media realm, the need for knowledgeable people to oversee the various outlets has become apparent.

The number of positions working with social media started to increase about a year and a half ago.
I’ve seen law firms hiring social media people from the ranks of journalists, public relations professionals, and marketers. Not only may a social media internship get you in the door as a means to landing a job as a lawyer, but it’s also an in to a job in social media in a law firm. Below is a list that I’ve compiled that can be used for brands wanting to further their online engagement, individuals who want a stronger digital presence, or anyone interested in encouraging a more discussion-oriented environment on popular social media platforms.
Law firms are going to be hiring people to work with their attorneys, business development folks, and ultimately the firm’s leadership in the area of social media.
Find someone with real-world communication skillsSocial media is a place to start conversations, handle customer service, and expose your brand to potential customers.
Being able to show employers tangible evidence of one’s work on social media… can help set prospective employees apart.
All those goals require excellent communication skills, so even if your intern hasn’t worked with social media before, they do need to understand the basics of customer service and managing a conversation.2.
Don’t hire your brother’s 19 year old daughter because “she’s family”Unless your niece happens to have some great experience and knowledge about social media, it’s a bad idea to hire family or close friends to be your intern.
Look for someone who’s competitive, but tactfulThere is more noise on social media than ever before, so getting your company’s voice heard is a real challenge.
An ideal social media intern should be competitive, and they should cherish getting new Facebook likes and Twitter followers. They think that only communications or marketing majors can run their social media, so they bring on someone who knows nothingabout their industry, target market, or customer demographics to run their Facebook and Twitter pages. When it comes to social media, your intern’s ability to respond quickly will be key to their success, so stay away from candidates who stare blankly and say, “Uhhh…” when you ask them to handle a real-life scenario.

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