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Average Senior Direct Response Media Buyer salaries for job postings in Chicago, IL are 20% higher than average Senior Direct Response Media Buyer salaries for job postings nationwide. Media planners and buyers who do not start engaging in programmatic buying will be in serious jeopardy of becoming obsolete.
Programmatic buying, or the process of executing media buys through digital technology platforms like ad exchanges, agency trading desks, and DSPs or SSPs rather than through manual RFPs, negotiation, and buying, has been advocated for several years now by industry futurists and analysts.
In their report, O'Connell and co-author Michael Greene assert that programmatic buying is the future and that those media planners and buyers who do not start engaging in programmatic buying will be in serious jeopardy of losing their jobs by becoming obsolete.
O'Connell believes that programmatic buying benefits both direct response and brand advertisers, though direct response advertisers - who constantly seek incremental gains - will be more likely to gravitate toward this kind of solution first.

Planning and buying as we have known it - decision-making based on understanding media properties and the targeted audiences they attract - will be replaced by quant-based (and cookie-reliant) technologies that, among other aspects of automation, look instead at how users respond to campaign objectives to define where to serve ads.
I asked O'Connell why she thinks digital media planners and buyers have been so slow to embrace programmatic buying.
This kind of buying, emphasizes O'Connell, improves operational efficiencies and reduces waste commonly caused by multi-network buys, which tend to deliver overlapping impressions. If programmatic buying has been hard for media planners and buyers to understand and embrace, imagine what it's like for an advertiser to get it! O'Connell advises that you start small - like dialing-down retargeting or some network buy allocations and swapping programmatic buys into your media mix.

To me, it sounds like a big part of the equation will be client education, just as we've had to explain most forms of new digital media over the past 15 years. This should be a pretty big wake-up call to both the people doing the planning and buying as well as agency management who has to think about either retraining or attracting and hiring this talent.

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