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From social media to digital media to e-commerce to product marketing, it is our recruitment pledge to find the right place for job seekers to grow. For the past 10 years, our Los Angeles marketing recruiters have been extensively trained on how to procure job seekers who possess distinct traits coupled with an unrelenting work ethic. To ensure recruiting success, our marketing recruiters utilize over 15 different methods for procuring leading Los Angeles marketing job seekers. Since 2005, our Los Angeles marketing recruiters have taken the time to understand each parties’ needs and our headhunters relentlessly execute on marketing the right match.
Instead of having commission only recruiters, our Los Angeles staffing agencies has top recruiters and top clients. Since the inception of our Los Angeles recruiting agency, the sales and marketing headhunters at KAS Placement have made companies of all sizes better through meticulous recruiting processes that are aimed at both employer and job seeker success and which have been widely recognized by sources such as the NYTimes, Dow Jones, Chicago Tribune, Forbes and more.

The methodology of our Los Angeles recruiters is simple: when hiring always surround yourself with people who are smarter than you. For this reason hiring companies from all over the world come to our marketing recruiters and sales headhunters when they want to hire a Los Angeles staffing agency that consistently produces job candidates who are ethical, ambitious and who are reliable experts within their field.
Whether you are a job seeker looking to make a career move or are a employer looking to engage our Los Angeles recruiting agency regarding sales or marketing staffing, please see the below links. Job seekers from Southern California come to our marketing recruiters in Los Angeles because our executive search firm has consistently been rated a top marketing staffing agency not only in Los Angeles, but around the United States as well. Our Los Angeles recruiters go on the premise that it's better to be an expert in a few areas of executive recruitment as opposed to being average in a diversified staffing environment.
The Los Angeles marketing recruiters at KAS Placement feel that you can have the best sales team in the world, however without the right marketing support, your company will only become a fraction of what it can.

This is where the complexities of marketing recruiting begin as employers who are unaware of technical marketing have trouble deciphering between the effective and ineffective marketing professionals. In order to ensure that our headhunters are able to not only locate, but also decipher who is the best out of the job applicant pool for a particular budget, each marketing recruiter at KAS Placement is trained in-house.
To learn more about how our Los Angeles marketing recruiting firm can assist you in your next job search or help your company recruit a top sales or marketing professional, please see the below links. Our belief is that the most hard-working companies should settle for nothing less than top marketing job seekers.

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