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The oldest trick and one of the best sources of information on competitive salaries can be from friends, family, and fellow students or alumni in the same industry and in similar jobs, especially if they were hired recently.
One thing is certain… Both sites are valuable, and I would suggest comparing both when researching your salary. It takes a little digging to find the right job description matches, but this is a handy tool when you need a quick way to compare salaries vs.
Most people’s top concern is their base salary, but benefits are an important part of the overall compensation package.
In order to stay interested in the job, you will need a chance to grow your skill set, increase your salary, and have opportunities for advancement in order to gain more responsibility and power.

What if we told you no matter what your business claims to provide, you’re actually in the marketing business. Marketing is an all-encompassing outlook that must include every activity of your business. The wise business owner comes to define marketing as: Getting people who have a need to know, like, trust, do business with and refer you to others who have this same need or problem. Marketing managers Career Profile - Job Description, Average Salaries, Career Opportunities, Job Openings, National Labor Statistics, Injuries and Education Requirements.
Marketing Managers - Job Description, Average Salaries, Career Opportunities, Job Opportunities, National Labor Statistics, Injuries and Education Requirements.

Marketing managers develop advertising campaigns to publicize new products, goods or services and evaluate the effectiveness of the campaigns. We will determine whether our consulting program is the right fit for your marketing needs. When you work within the confines of a proven system, you are free to innovate and create the marketing messages and branding element that make you successful.

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