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Rasmussen College is a regionally accredited college authorized to operate as a postsecondary educational institution by the Illinois Board of Higher Education. To learn what companies are currently looking for in CSM candidates, we analyzed a random sample of 300 job listings for customer success management titles (explained in the Methodology section).
Most employers sought candidates with customer support and account management experience, especially in high-growth, software-as-service (SaaS) environments. Many employers (44 percent) required at least three years’ experience in the workforce, and many candidates will need more than five due to other requirements. Of the listings that requested specific technical skills, 47 percent requested previous experience with customer relationship management (CRM) software.
Altogether, the wide variation in degree requirements reveals that different employers place different levels of emphasis on academics when it comes to hiring CSMs. The preference for technical majors reflects the roots of customer success management in the SaaS sector, which has undergone explosive growth over the last few years. Another 56 percent specifically requested candidates with experience as an account manager—which makes sense, considering that’s the traditional title most closely resembling the newer role of CSM. A significant number of employers also requested candidates with experience outside of customer service and account management: For example, 30 percent of employers accepted—or in some cases, even preferred—people from a sales background, and 23 percent sought candidates from a consulting or professional services background. Alternatively, employers seeking candidates with consulting experience may place a higher priority on client service skills and experience interfacing with executive clients, since those applicants are more likely to have accrued account management experience and exposure to C-level clients more quickly than applicants from other backgrounds. However, many CSM listings specifically requested accountant management experience—typically a more senior function. Some listings requested experience with specific CRM software applications, such as marketing automation (MA), or sales force automation (SFA). This “Other” category also encompasses employers requesting experience with software specifically designed for customer success management, such as Gainsight, Evergage or Totango.
However, it’s also interesting to see further evidence that other industries that traditionally rely on account management are beginning to adopt customer success management titles: 7 percent of employers in our sample were marketing companies, and 6 percent were banking and finance organizations. We began by surveying listings with the exact title “customer success manager.” Eventually we progressed to close equivalents, then to titles with comparable job requirements. Because this study aggregates a wide range of job listings, the results paint a general picture of what companies want in a customer success manager.
The duties and responsibilities of a marketing manager will vary depending on the company size and industry.

Take classes in public relations, marketing research, statistics, advertising and business.
Look for a master's program in marketing or get your Master's in Business Administration (MBA) and follow a marketing concentration. Start your marketing career with a title such as a marketing assistant, associate or a coordinator.
Look for opportunities to take on extra responsibilities in your entry level marketing position.
Search these sites with the specific title of "Marketing Manager" and the location you prefer to work.
As such, many are now hiring customer success managers (CSMs) to ensure their customers realize measurable returns from their solutions. We also shared our research with Ellis Luk, who writes about customer success as Totango’s marketing and communications manager. In addition, 25 percent requested engineering, 24 percent requested management information systems (MIS) and a significant number of others requested general or information technology (IT) degrees. However, it may also suggest that some employers are simply re-titling their traditional account manager roles to capitalize on the growing popularity of customer-success buzzwords.
For these jobs, candidates will likely need more than five years of experience, unless they have otherwise accrued significant experience managing accounts and interfacing with C-level executives. Seventeen percent mentioned MA, probably because many employers in our sample were marketing companies (or MA software vendors themselves). We only considered “account manager” titles when it was clear that the role focused more on customer experience and retention over sales-related functions (such as upselling).
For this reason, consulting and account management experience may be the clearest, quickest path to a career in customer success.
As a marketing manager, you might be a one-person team or part of a large staff of marketing directors, managers and assistants. Having a master's degree might give you an edge on other applicants when you apply for a marketing manager position. Developing a network of contacts in the marketing field will help you get a marketing manager job.
Subscribe to newsletters, read financial news and follow marketing experts on their social networks.

Make sure it reflects your education and any experience you have had in the marketing field.
If you are working in a lower level marketing position, approach your supervisor about a promotion. Point out projects you have managed, problems you have solved and other things you have done to stand out and help the marketing team at your company. Let all of your professional contacts know that you are looking for a position as a marketing manager. For example, the AMA has a job site called Marketing Power that helps marketing professionals find work.
Also called headhunters, these professionals will introduce you to companies looking for marketing managers and set up interviews. If you cannot find the marketing manager position you desire, consider contracting or freelancing as a marketing manager. As a trained and published poet, she loves discovering new ways to use her writing as a tool to further the education of others. Another 23 percent preferred candidates with an undergraduate degree, but were willing to accept equivalent work experience—while 14 percent listed no academic requirements of any kind. Most marketing managers are required to develop and execute a marketing strategy for a particular brand, company, organization or clients. Companies who cannot afford a full time marketing team might be interested in your skills for specific projects or contract work.
Become a marketing manager by obtaining an education in communications and business and accepting internships and lower level positions until you grow into a manager level position.
You have the option of earning a marketing diploma, an associate degree in marketing or a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

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