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With a client retention rate nearing 94% in 2015, it’s clear why top brands rely upon KAS Placement’s Chicago marketing recruiters to deliver game-changing talent. For over a decade, our marketing and sales headhunters have dramatically increased staffing efficiency for hundreds of organizations.
Simultaneously, KAS has improved the careers of thousands of Chicago marketing job seekers. As a result, KAS Placement's recruiters have gained an industry-leading reputation for making complex marketing recruiting more simplistic, accurate and advantageous.
As a client of our marketing recruiters, we allow you to focus on your job knowing that we’re taking care of ours.
KAS's dedicated marketing staffing professionals utilize unparalleled knowledge to prescreen and weed out the candidates who are less apt to become game changing talent.
Our marketing, sales and sales management recruitment methods make staffing employees effective, timely and engaging. We attribute our industry-leading customer satisfaction rate to a robust candidate network, recruiter dedication and our headhunters' ability to make complex hiring processes simplistic. Over 91% of the job seekers whom our Chicago marketing recruiters work with come back to KAS when changing careers. To find you the right position, our Chicago headhunters take the time to determine your career preferences, motivations, past experiences and salary requirements.
Once our marketing recruiters get to know you, we are then able to call upon clients of all sizes, from all over the world in over 100 different industries.

KAS’s Chicago marketing recruiters utilize expert knowledge and extensive networks to cover even the most specific recruiting needs.
Our expertise allows us to swiftly assist both job seekers and employers with marketing recruiting requests for the below listed areas. About KAS PlacementCompanies come to the recruiters at KAS Placement because they want to work with headhunters who provide significant ROI on each hire.
Our sales headhunters have received wide acclaim for a high level of account management and sales management recruitment competency.
Senior recruiter Courtney Klein helps recruit for KAS's marketing recruitment as well as social media staffing clients. Out of any other jobs in which our sales recruiters headhunt for, marketing jobs are by far the most competitive to obtain and are far less in abundance when compared to sales jobs. Applicants all over the country struggle with transitioning from sales to marketing positions or landing their first marketing job out of college.
This is especially true in a down economy as marketing recruitment is more a long-term business strategy while recruiting sales personnel can prove to be a more timely fix to a firm's cash flow problems.
However, despite the economy and one's background, obtaining a job in marketing is a lot easier than one thinks. In a perfect world, companies would hand out marketing jobs to those with no experience, however we don't live in a perfect world so the job seekers have to meet the employers half-way. This means that instead of throwing out your resume to each marketing opening, taking the time to learn different facets of marketing such as digital media, social media, e-commerce, search engine optimization, blogging and more is key.

Even if you don't have the experience in a marketing job, become an expert at the above skills, list these strengths on your resume (preferably at the top) and you should see more responses than previously witnessed.
If you have sales experience in a particular industry, you should look for marketing jobs within that vertical. Sometimes companies will have open marketing positions available for so long that they become willing to look at other options and this is where you are most likely to land the marketing job you want. Remember that anything worthwhile takes work and can be frustrating, though obtaining a marketing job is within your reach, you just have to know how to approach the job search process.
Marketing and sales recruiting is our speciality and the business development headhunters at KAS Placement are able to locate the top job seekers for our employers. If you are a job seeker in sales and marketing looking to connect with one of our headhunters for your career change needs or are a hiring company seeking the services of our sales recruiters, please contact our staffing specialists.
From Fortune 100 to entrepreneurial startups, our headhunters possess an employer rolodex that is one of the most robust in the recruitment industry.

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