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One of the biggest challenges in the real estate practice is managing the many marketing channels consumers expect their Realtor to be on ranging from Twitter to Facebook to LinkedIn to their blog and in their email inbox.
A simple alternative on the market is Happy Grasshopper which is an inexpensive alternative and answers to the top complaint we hear from agents that they just don’t have time to come up with original content for all of these social networks, emailers and blogs they are investing time and money into.
The service is customizable, branded with your marketing (not Happy Grasshopper’s), you review all emails before they are sent and the contacts in your email account never get the same email from another user even if you have contacts in common. The service is useful for those looking for alternative drip marketing campaigns, but will not be everyone’s flavor as some will not subscribe to the type of content as they prefer their voice be used, but for those who are simply not finding time to come up with content to email, professional writers helping out could prove useful.

Recently, I received an email that turned out to be what Search Engine Roundtable has termed as Yahoo! PageTraffic Buzz brings you the latest happenings from all corners of the digital marketing world. Consumers typically choose the one method they wish to be contacted or kept in touch with and when they offer a real estate professional an email, the standard response is either a thank you note, or a drip marketing campaign varying from third party branded services to lengthy newsletters. Navneet's expertise has established PageTraffic as one of the most awarded and successful search marketing agencies.

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