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As internet marketing evolved over the past few years, using SEO on a business website became just one part of an ever-widening picture. Internet marketing basics will remain the same in 2014, but changes are bubbling under the surface that will affect many businesses.
The continued use of Google local, Yelp and other region-specific marketing makes the number and quality of reviews for restaurants, auto mechanics, dentists and other local brick and mortar service business more important than ever.
Plano, Texas – October 23, 2015 – Atomic Design and Consulting has launched a new website for Jake's Uptown headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Our Dallas web design team reviews your web site, conversion strategies, social media performance, and SEO strategies.
Internet marketing is more than just putting up a website, which is the most important piece of your Internet marketing strategy.

Email Marketing - Email is the most effective method of driving traffic to e-commerce sites, with online search coming in second and social media third.
Video  Marketing - In today's marketing world, video marketing is the best tool to immediate express your company belief, illustrate products and services and perhaps include client testimonials. Internet Marketing Consulting - Internet Business Consultants are specially trained and certified Internet business experts. For decades, companies pushed their story out through print and media ads, promoting their products and building their brand. Today, in addition to the push advertising described above, each company much have an Internet presence to create pull marketing.
Social media with a mobile presence and local marketing are now important tools a Search Engine marketing company Dallas uses to increase your internet profile.

The nuances of attracting more visitors and more paying customers will require the help of a Search Engine marketing company Dallas now more than ever. By setting up a regular email marketing program to announce special offers and news, you will stay top-of-mind with customers. Today there are 8 Jake's Uptown locations situated in Dallas, Fort Worth, Flower Mound, Frisco, and more. A Search Engine marketing company Dallas can adapt your web design, PPC and SEO campaigns to make the most of Google’s new features.

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