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The first step to developing a relevant RFP is to identify your business needs and the characteristics of your ideal partner. RFPs are useful tools to consistently procure information and objectively compare agencies, but realize that they are just one component of the entire selection process.
Request for Information (RFI) - Optional: Release a short RFI to determine agencies’ interest in your RFP, ensure agencies meet your minimum requirements, and narrow down your RFP list to 3-5 potential agencies.
Request for Proposals (RFP): Release an RFP to 3-5 agencies to fully understand their general approach, capabilities, and methodologies. Presentations: After providing them with data, solicit presentations from 2-4 agencies to understand the specific approach they will take for your business and to introduce them to upper management. Neutralize the instinct to “judge an RFP response by its cover” by specifying a standardized electronic format. If you cannot or do not want to provide something during the RFP process (for example, AdWords account access), specify that early on to curtail the requests or questions you will otherwise inevitably receive about it. Agencies truly appreciate it when advertisers realize that, similar to their own business, resources must be prioritized and that many hours of unbilled time and effort get dedicated to responding to their RFP.
In the event that things with your current agency are just not working out, hopefully these tips will help you successfully choose your next digital marketing partner.

Stay tuned to the RKG Blog next week when we will outline some sample differentiating questions you can use in your own RFP.
Kearby Chen Kearby Chen is a Marketing Strategy Director at RKG.
About This Blog:Mostly weekly posts written as a resource for marketing communications professionals at companies who interface with and are clients of full service marketing firms.
Marketing and creative services can be difficult to compare, due in large part to the subjective nature of creativity.
Matt has a holistic view of marketing and is always available to meet with businesses who are looking for guidance and are ready to grow. Fancy marketing materials with jaw-dropping case studies often make it challenging to compare agencies objectively and identify the best fit. If you have already done your research and shortlisted 2-4 agencies, consider expediting the selection process by skipping this step entirely. Never make a decision based solely on the RFP even if there is a clear frontrunner; request a presentation to at least meet your potential partner and confirm that they will be a good fit. If you choose to use an RFI, consider issuing it in spreadsheet format while releasing the RFP in document format.

Top agencies may pass on the opportunity or not invest the proper resources to prepare a response befitting your RFP.
After all of the RFP responses have been received, periodically sending out status updates to all agencies, especially if you deviate from your original timeline or have ultimately made a decision, will not only help you avoid being bombarded with inquiries about the latest developments every few days, but is also an expression of a simple, yet highly valued, professional courtesy. Keep in mind, however, that nobody will understand your business as well as you do and only you will be able to best determine the agency requirements and evaluation criteria for your RFP. For example, if using a specific platform is mandatory, use an RFI to quickly weed out the agencies that cannot support it. Speak to the agencies directly to verify their capabilities and request that topics that would have been in the RFP are fully addressed in the presentation. Withholding internal initial budgets while merely stating that “budgets are uncapped” as long as an agency can deliver a specific efficiency level can also result in a breakdown during negotiations.
This can occur late in the selection process, after significant time has been invested on both sides, if the actual size of the opportunity and proposed fees of the selected agency are not mutually beneficial and equitable.

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