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Average Business Market Research Analyst salaries for job postings in Tampa, FL are 14% lower than average Business Market Research Analyst salaries for job postings nationwide.
In our recent analysis with CareerBuilder, we distilled the top occupations whose monthly job postings are distinctly higher than the number of hires—meaning employers advertising for those jobs are on a vigorous hunt for talent.
With nearly 9,000 new jobs (9% growth) since 2009, the chefs and head cooks occupation looks promising for those who want to forge a dependable career with a spatula.

For the few metropolitan areas becoming more specialized in design jobs, there are a few surprises at the top of the list. To find the best jobs for 2014, EMSI and CareerBuilder focused on occupations that are thriving since 2010, the first full year of the recovery, and those projected to see an uptick in employment over the next year. EMSI's blog features articles, case studies, and resources that connect our data to market trends, regional economies, workforce development, higher education, and much more.

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