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City Manager Jim Landon calls it 'the big white ugly structure'--no, not the sign; the rising liquor store. For all that, and in Palm Coast City Manager Jim Landon’s words—the same city manager who imbibes economic development and stirs to the mention of local job creation—“we actually did everything we could to discourage them” from building there.
Meanwhile, across the street, the Blue-Roof building, a local landmark, is gone--to make room for Palm Coast's 773rd pharmacy. While the location may not be the greatest, it seems Palm Coasters like to find something to complain about (perhaps it’s because of the high unemployment).
It looked to me like the article was criticizing the prudish members of the city council and the city manager who objected to, but couldn’t legally stop the liquor store.
The comments on this article are exactly why so many people cannot stand Palm Coast anymore. I’m glad to see the arrival of ABC, Red Lobster, Olive Garden and Epic theatres in Palm Coast. IF YOU DO NOT LIKE PALM COAST GO BACK UP NORTH TAKE ALL YOUR FRIENDS WITH YOU .WELCOME TO FLORIDA NOW GET THE HELL OUT .
I got an idea for the city manager and council, better yet all the complainers about this store.

Larry Williams this evening, at the Palm Coast City Hall dedication, after announcing his resignation to each Bunnell city commissioner.
Shocking the three commissioners who voted to hire him hired him two years ago, Bunnell City Manager Larry Williams tendered his resignation today, saying he’s accomplished all he wanted to accomplish. Rogers said “everything was moving smoothly and we were out of the headlines.” That may end for now, as Bunnell’s last hunt for a manager was not smooth. When Williams was touring Palm Coast’s City Hall this evening, someone asked him if he wanted Jim Landon’s job (the Palm Coast City Manager.) “They could offer me Jim Landon’s job, they could offer me Coffey’s job,” Williams said, referring to Craig Coffey, the county administrator. So it’s been with the new ABC Fine Wine and Spirits—ABC liquor store, to most initiates—rising up like a giant white ice-cube at the intersection of Palm Coast Parkway and Old Kings Road.
Almost certainly more than 100 people will line up to apply for one of the eight to 10 jobs the store will create. As he has on previous occasions when the ABC store has been discussed, the city manager took every occasion to speak of the business derisively, though he also noted the city’s legal limitations in deciding what may or may not be built on privately owned and commercially zoned land. We should at least be appreciative of that in this struggling economy and a county that has no jobs for the young crowd. We would have much Rather had to look at that New Carrabba’s Restaurant Everyone was so excited to see comming into Palm Coast, let alone the 75 or more Jobs they had to Offer, But Oh No City Officials Ran them Off, How Dare they have a sign a Foot too high!

Why don’t we just run all the businesses out of palm coast, raise the unemployment even higher, and then raise all taxes so we can’t afford to live here. Williams your presence as the county administrator or city manager of Palm Coast would be a breath of fresh air! The ailing Palm Harbor shopping center behind it, where 14 of the 28 or so stores are shuttered, will likely be thankful for the traffic ABC will generate, as vehicles will be forced to go through the shopping center to get to it (no entrances directly off of Old Kings or the parkway). I bet the Residents of Palm Coast would have Demanded its Removal the Moment they Noticed its Height! Landon and his cohorts should be ashamed of all the business, jobs, tax revenue and spin-off economic bliss they have cost this county by discouraging business relocation here, and by the uber-restrictive ordinances imposed on businesses, which are, after all, the backbone of our economy. The 72-year-old manager insisted that there were no underlying issues or mysteries pushing him to his decision, other than this: he’s an adrenaline junkie, and he’s lost the rush. Rogers and Baxley would not comment about the recommendation, and Robinson said she would not favor immediately placing a new manager in the position next week, preferring to go through the process more carefully.

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